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You're a busy corporate woman.
A business owner.
A thought leader.
A professional service provider...

Yet you are still not convinced that a soulmate relationship is possible for you….

I get it. 

You are making things happen, getting things done. 

You are busy following your bliss and hoping someday you will meet that special someone. 

You have tried everything, online dating, matchmakers, relationship coaches, spiritual healers, and still nothing. You are beginning to think your lackluster romantic life is a reflection on you. You are just about ready to give up!

But wait, what if I told you there is still hope of attracting that love of your life. How? 

Women who attract quality partners, value themselves FIRST.

Value is an inner vibration, a trust, a knowing that cannot be manufactured regardless of job or academic status, business success or family wealth (or the lack of). 

My team and I work with women from diverse cultures, religions, career professionals, academics, therapists, psychologists, actors, teachers and even dog walkers. We also work with women who have done other programs (with limited success) through Tony Robbins, Landmark, Gabby Bernstein and Jay Shetty to name a few. 

However, we are not for everyone. 

The women we work with inspire us with their commitment to solving their problem – which is not having their soulmate love. They are clear on why they want deep soul connected love in their life and, with full certainty, they’ve realized their way hasn’t been working, and it’s time to get a mentor who’s walked the path.

We love our clients

Soul to Soul is different

We teach our clients the tools that really work… and we give you the coaching AND the mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations that bring you into your heart, your worth and your deservability empowering you to attract in the soulmate love you deeply crave.

Welcome to our site. Have a look at our About page. Click on our Client Love page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary masterclass about the shifts our clients make to attract in soulmate love… without grinding and burning out during the dating process.

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Honest, Ethical Insights from the world’s leading love coach…

The inner transformative technique that I have created has brought me (and many of my clients) a lasting, exciting life partnership. Let me help you unleash the queen that is already within you. Your inner goddess – oozing with worth and deservability.

Be the Love of Your Own Life…

Women that radiate confidence and enthusiasm magnetize high caliber partners. While other dating coaches focus on looking good, profile pictures and what it takes to please others, my method is all about loving self. It’s true empowerment, not drip feed co-dependency coaching. You are a powerful, divine, feminine force – once you start to believe this, others will fall into orbit. 

Ready for a real relationship coach?

Welcome to Soul to Soul.

All the best,

Lucy Shahjahan

And The Soul to Soul Team

These women are extraordinary. They put aside fear, doubt, shame and excuses. They made themselves a priority. If you want the outcome, you have to do the same.


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