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You’re a high-achieving corporate executive or badass entrepreneur – wielding degrees from prestigious universities, racking up successes, and clinching every opportunity.

But when it comes to attracting your soulmate, you find yourself continuously perplexed and aggravated. As an incredibly high-achieving, smart, and successful woman – why can’t you figure this out?!

In romantic relationships, you’re sick and tired of feeling like you have to win the approval of an emotionally unavailable man. 

You’re single and unfulfilled. Or trapped in a friend with benefits scenario, where there is frankly zero benefit for you. Or you’re saddled with a mediocre relationship – heavy on the “safe and easy,” but the romance is nowhere to be found. 

Here you are on planet Mars attracting emotionally unavailable men… 

But your dream is down here on Earth.

Hi, I’m Lucy.

My clients often call me an Aussie goddess with a trucker mouth who has a gift for helping women unleash their power and reverence to attract their soulmate. 

I work with women who have a PhD in avoiding or sabotaging romantic relationships (and often PhDs in more useful things, too) consistently attracting in the wrong guys and/or get taken advantage of.

I help these women put on their crown and reign supreme – to attract love and love themselves. 

My work is more than just attracting your soulmate. It’s about leveling-up in every area of your life, claiming your throne and owning your QUEENdom. I’m not just here to fix you, I’m here to amplify you.

This isn’t just empty pillow talk – I live what I preach.

I’m married to my soulmate, my rock, my best friend and we’ve built a beautiful family and life together, living between New York City and Los Angeles.  Our little girl is pure joy and we adore our Australian Shepherd Stevie Nicks. 

And, I know what it’s like to feel like you have everything except the love you desire. I used to be the queen of avoiding commitment, rattling off every excuse imaginable, and binge-drinking each weekend – waiting around for Mr. Right to show up and complete me.

Now I’m the queen of my own domain, and even with my soulmate – I know that only I complete me.

Attracting your soulmate is your birthright, but you need to know how to be your own soulmate first.

Think of yourself like a five-layer, scrumptious cake with decadent buttercream icing. The man? He’s just the cherry. You are the whole damn cake, sister.

I know you’re already thinking: “Lucy, are you seriously telling me I can have… it all?”

And sure, I can tell you that’s true. But let me allow these incredible women and their miraculous stories to prove it to you. 


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