Don't sh*t in my vortex

How to create massive shifts in your life and attract your soulmate relationship.

by lucy shahjahan

Formerly known as I’M DONE.

Don’t Sh*t in my Vortex opens the door for women everywhere who have given up on love. In this impossible-to-put-down work, author Lucy Shahjahan cuts straight to the heart of what’s missing when it comes to your love and your life. 

Loaded with gold and rooted in Shahjahan’s twenty-year personal transformation journey, she’s distilled her experience and wisdom into a no-fluff, tangible, and energetic road map that has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of women around the world.

Don’t Sh*t in my Vortex contains simple, yet powerful secrets that open and activate your heart, un-numbs your spirit, and allows you to soar like the unapologetic rockstar queen that you are. 

Unlike other relationship books that collect dust on your shelf or attempt to “upsell” you into the real work, Don’t Sh*t in my Vortex gives you all of the keys to the kingdom. This book is an empowering, non-clinical read that feels like vibrational medicine. 

Don’t Sh*t in my Vortex is more than a book. Shahjahan is the paradigm-smashing best friend you’ve always wanted… and needed. This work is a gift that you’ll clutch to your heart for years to come.

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