Here are some of the struggles our clients used to deal with before Soul to Soul, in their own words. If any resonate for you, watch the videos below to see what they are saying now!

what they are saying now...

She'll show you how to be your biggest fan and how to heal so you can feel the best damn feelings of your life! I'm forever grateful for Lucy's support, honesty, leadership and wisdom. She's changed my life for the better and I can't ever imagine going back.
Simone S.
It has improved my relationship with myself, my connection to my self-worth, my self-expression has become more fluid and expansive and my self-confidence has increased!!​
Emily T.
I really learned to love myself and learnt how to receive it in return. I wouldn’t think twice about this gorgeous program.
Nikala K.
I have nothing but gratitude for you Lucy and for the work you are doing. I am so grateful I took the step to change my life.
Jana W.
Work with Lucy because you will look at your life with brand new shiny eyes. You will see what is possible for you, you will know when you are not being true to yourself and how that sits with you. You will begin to believe that your circumstances are not fixed and that if you change your vibration, you will attract great things into your life.​
Lucy is full of amazing insights and can identify problems you didn’t even know you had. She has a no bullshit approach and will always be upfront and honest so that you can achieve breakthroughs faster.
Katherine C.
I thought I needed one on one support. But the safe space Lucy created for us to share and express ourselves is really powerful and amazing. I felt very supported in the group and I can relate to everyone. I am so grateful that Lucy believed in me and didn’t let me off the hook. I’m also glad that I made the commitment to do this gift work and followed through with it. It’s the best decision and investment I have ever made for myself. Lucy is the most truthful and no BS person I ever know. She will not let you slack off. She is an incredible coach and great mentor. I love her uplifting energy and authenticity. She really cares and delivers great results.
Mei W.
Taught me so much on self-worth and self-love. I'd never done this type of work before. Or even invested in myself in this way. I've learnt about my negativity, belief systems that were suffocating me and how I could deconstruct these then rebuild positive ones. Power of being grateful and having that energy flow helped me to be in a much better mindset, connected to my heart and live my life fully. This helped dissolve my worries, fears, self-doubt that I had been carrying for years. I feel empowered on how to deal with these emotions going forward in my life. YOU feel complete, a whole hearted soul and not distracted by life, people, activities the way you once were. It’s very liberating and a delicious calm!
Fiona D.
Please tell me there’s a secret extra 8 weeks! This programme has changed my life!!
Monica S.
Bloody hell I’ve been in therapy for years and this is more powerful and we’re only on module one!! Thank you xxxx
Lois E.


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