How This Relationship Expert Went from $100K in Debt to Building a 7-Figure Empire

I bought into the lie that I had to grind my way to the top, teetering on burnout in the process, until I found myself $100,000 in debt even as I tried to do things the so-called “right” way. I wasn’t happy, and it wasn’t working.

Why Embracing Your Feminine Side May Be the Secret to Breaking the Glass Ceiling

As a result, many women tend to overcommit themselves. And despite all of that effort, unfortunately, many struggle to see the pay off. We push ourselves harder, we send out more resumes, we spend more time on LinkedIn—anything to avoid the conversation that, maybe instead of doing all of this extra work, it’s time for us to address our own inherent sense of self-worth.

How Avoiding The Traditional Entrepreneurial Journey Helped One Woman Create A 7-Figure Business

I bought into the idea that you have to be the last person leaving the office or up working on your side hustle until 3am and that you can wear that as a badge of courage. I thought I had to work really hard to be successful. That I had to prove my worth. I was wrong. Grind energy that leads to burnout isn’t the “entrepreneurial journey.” It’s just masculine energy. 


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