Soul to Soul is a powerful 8-week LIVE online program designed to activate your divine feminine power and shift you into alignment with your magnificence so that you can magnetize your Soulmate to you instead of chasing love and trying to make it work.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel successful in your life,
(other than in relationships,)
and wonder why finding a fantastic
relationship has become so difficult?!

Deep down you question yourself and the same thoughts play on repeat… “Why can’t it be easy and what the hell am I doing wrong?”

From here it’s easy to create the belief that there aren’t any good men left, or you talk yourself out of needing it and start buying into your plan B “I can be happy on my own and if I have to I’ll have a baby on my own I don’t need a man to be happy.”

BUT this isn’t the way you really want it to go at all and it’s coming from the fear of not being capable of actually being able to have a relationship or that love can work for you.

Patterns are passed down directly from your mother and father, and their ancestry lines, through their belief systems and through societal pressures and expectations which formed their way of being, and therefore, defined yours. From the get-go you began life on the back foot, using a foundation that already had cracks. It’s no surprise that you feel this as “normal” because you’ve known nothing else.

However, you are here reading this,
because you know there’s got to be
another way— and you are
absolutely right.

The bottom line is that your current belief system is causing chaos and suffering
when it comes to love.

If you’re ready to change this – I can help you.

I work with A+ women who are ready to do the deep work and let love in. I teach what I have done for myself. I am now happily married the love of my life, my rock, my best friend and we are starting a family.

There is NO way in hell I’d be writing this if I continued down my prior path which was full of sabotage, not-enoughness, deep abandonment and numbing.

I truly believe that there is a soulmate for everyone and in order to attract this in we need to take back the reigns of our life and do the deep work to deal with our past – to get into alignment with who we really are on a soul level so we can attract in a high vibrational connected relationship with ease and JOY!

soul to soul is
the reset Button
you need.

In 8 weeks you will be masterfully guided every step of the way in a group setting where you immediately start peeling away layers that have been operating unconsciously.

We call this unconsciousness your “life on autopilot”. This is where you feel like life is happening “to you” instead of for you, where you perceive yourself to always be unlucky in love and something you just can’t seem to get working for you.

We will obliterate the patterns you’ve been repeating in relationships that are keeping you out of the soulmate relationship you desire.

Transformation begins immediately as you're given the tools to reframe and recreate a powerful vision for your new queen identity

A powerful woman who has the ability to create and attract exactly what she wants.

This isn’t just about attracting your soulmate. This is about up-leveling every aspect of your life including finances, friendships and getting you living on purpose. These powerful tools allow you to build and stack new belief systems that work with the law of attraction and Quantum physics, where, for the first time, you activate your voice and learn how to unapologetically take up space and be all of you.

At the end of 8 weeks, you will be in a completely different place within yourself and ready to jump back in with both feet to the land of relationships. You will be aligned to attract in that big Soulmate love, because finding you soulmate is an inside job.

If this sounds like you and
you are ready to let love in,
here's who I'll work with:

  • You must be dedicated and resourceful.
  • You must realize that change takes courage and it’s about staying with the process and in order to get phenomenal results at anything you must be consistent, show up daily and give it your 100% best effort.
  • You realize this isn’t a magical silver bullet or overnight solution – While I can take you on the express train to your dream it takes commitment.

P.S. — And before you apply, know that you’re applying to be part of an ultra- premium coaching program. I don’t give out the investment ahead of time, it doesn’t do you any good to know the investment before you actually know all the details of what you’re getting and I don’t give out all the details unless I think you’re a good fit for the program. 

If you’re looking for cheap or free this is NOT it. I have so many free resources out there already so stick to those. 

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