5 Steps


I’m so happy you are here!  Hopefully, you’ve watched my masterclass and got a good glimpse of what’s possible for you.

I absolutely love helping women around the world, ejecting out of feeling stuck, deflated, and left behind to women coming home to the EPICNESS they were born to be, attracting their soulmate and creating their best life.

I’ve gone on a HUGE journey myself and went from sucking at love to attracting in my king, love of my life aka husband and father of our divine baby girl. This can happen for you too and wayyyy quicker than you think – when you are held and supported through my proven process that is having incredible women just like you meet their soulmate during this crazy pandemic.

We are seeing engagements, couples moving in together and new relationships blooming. It’s amazing to witness how quickly this happens for women who had completely given up. 

I am the best coach in the love space where 98% of the women I work with see immediate results. In fact, last year – during the pandemic – we saw more women meet their soulmates than any other year. 

We are an invite-only program and working with me isn’t guaranteed. We need to if you have the right attitude and are willing to fight for yourself, and your dream. My team and I invite in a small number of women due to the personalized nature of my work. If we determine we are a fit, we will discuss what that looks like on the call.

Because I work globally, I do all my calls online, via Zoom. Once you book in your free call, you will receive an email with all the details, so be sure to be prepared for our 45 minute deep dive session into what’s not working in your love life right now.

Use the scheduler below and grab your spot. If you can’t find a good time that works, please email us at assistant@soultosoulglobal.com