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Love Coach vs Life Coach: What’s the Difference?

We’ve all been there: stuck in a situation that doesn’t suit us. We know we deserve more, but we aren’t sure how (or where) to find it.

If this sounds all too familiar, know this: you don’t have to navigate it alone. You don’t even have to seek an expensive therapist, either. Instead, you can turn to personal coaching services to help point you in the right direction. 

The number of personal coaches is growing at an average rate of over 5% every year, and that number is increasing as more people continue to discover the value that coaching can bring to their lives. One of the most popular types of personal coaches is a life coach, which can be helpful for a variety of circumstances that a person may be going through, such as growing one’s career or handling a stressful life situation.

Deeper into this concept, we find a love coach. A love coach is similar to a life coach, but focuses on the particular niche of love, finding your soulmate, and getting yourself where you want to be physically, romantically, and emotionally. If you’re feeling frustrated with the way your love life is going, a love coach can help you find true love by helping you focus on yourself first.

Interested in learning more? Read on to discover what the difference is between a love coach and a life coach, and how a love coach can help you find the love that you’ve always deserved.

The Basics of Life Coach Services

Before we go into love coaching, let’s go over what a life coach does since it’s a related concept. A life coach comes around for those who are struggling to excel within their lives and are in need of some direction. It might be because of a divorce, family struggle, general social struggles, or other similar reasons.

life coach will work for you by first helping you establish the goals you’d like to accomplish. For example, you might be aiming to improve your physical fitness or change up your career path. Either way, they will help you pinpoint what you’re looking for and come up with a tailored plan to get you there.

Throughout multiple sessions, a life coach will continue to work with you and get you closer to achieving your goals. They also provide that extra kick of motivation to keep you moving forward. For many general roadblocks in life, a life coach could be the perfect solution to get the forward momentum going.

What is a Love Coach?

A love coach takes what a life coach does and focuses it on the area of romantic relationships. In other words, if you’re seeking a fulfilling love life, or to just feel better about yourself within a romantic context, then a love coach offers just what you are looking for.

Unlike a life coach, a love coach specifically focuses on helping you find your perfect love life- whatever that means for you. They are specially trained (and ideally experienced) in the area of love and relationships, making them perfectly equipped to guide you towards romantic success.

A love coach will work to teach you the perfect mindset to adopt in order to discover the love, passion, and emotional security you’ve been missing. By adjusting your mindset and training you how to get what you deserve, a love coach can help you discover a love life beyond what you thought possible.

Love Coach Vs. Life Coach

In many ways, a love coach is a more advanced, specialized version of a life coach. While a life coach aims to hone in on a broad variety of circumstances, a love coach chooses to study only the areas of love, relationships, and intimacy. Because of their specialized focus in these areas, they are able to help clients develop fulfilling love lives by sharing their knowledge and using it to help clients come up with a plan.

Like a life coach, a love coach will also give motivation, only they will focus on building you up above everything else. As you progress further on your journey to finding the love that you deserve, you’ll discover that a vast majority of your success comes from how you view yourself. A love coach recognizes this and can get you in the right mindset for a healthy relationship, no matter where your starting point is.

How Does a Love Coach Help?

If you’re stuck in the same spiral of failed romance, lame dates, and negative thought patterns, a love coach can help break you free. What’s more, they can teach you how to attract what you want out of your love life, rather than chasing it and dealing with repeated disappointment.

You might even liken a love coach to a professional matchmaker of sorts, as they can (and do) help clients find their ideal mate. However, instead of setting you up with a partner, they help you discover the most important relationship of all: the one you have with yourself.

Your love coach will guide you down a complete self-transformation. You will realize that you have more control over your circumstances than you realize and that most of your issues stem from unconscious self-sabotage.

Here are just a few areas a love coach will help you focus on:

  • Obliterating learned behaviors and patterns that have been preventing you from achieving your romantic goals
  • Using the Law of Attraction and Quantum physics to attract and manifest your goals
  • Attracting a soulmate by teaching you what to look for
  • Building new belief systems that help you activate your inner voice and be unapologetically you

If you’re ready to start taking charge of your love life now, a love coach can offer you the tools to reach your full potential. In fact, you might even be surprised at how simple it is to flip the switch and start attracting what you want out of love.  

Discovering Your New Identity

Working with a love coach will help you discover the woman you’ve always wanted to be: your new queen identity. No matter how you think your love life is going, you have more power than you realize.

To finally start getting what you deserve, you’ll be given the tools to reformulate yourself. You’ll be following a powerful vision for your new identity. You’ll be leveling up everything in your life, from friendships to finances.

The key takeaway here is this: you are a powerful woman with the ability to envision and manifest everything she wants. It’s simply a matter of discovering how to hone in on this power and actually put it to practice. This is where your love coach comes in: they know the formula and can pass it down to you.

Where to Find the Best Love Coach

One of the most important things to look for in a love coach is someone who understands what you’re going through. For example, you might be trying to get over a breakup, or just trying to figure out why your relationships never seem to go the way you want them to. No matter the case, the right love coach has all the right guidance to help you tackle it.

Next, you’ll want to ensure that your love coach has walked the walk themselves. Have they personally found their own journey to love and self-discovery? If so, then they’ll be a wealth of knowledge to guide you down yours.

Some love coaches will do one-on-one session, while others will take a group approach. There’s a lot of value within joining a community for mutual support. You can also join my Facebook community of like-minded women for free if you’re ready to get started on your brand-new love life.

Another excellent option to get you on track is by joining my free masterclass, where you’ll learn the five secrets to peeling back the layers of armor you’ve unconsciously placed on yourself. Once you learn how to do this, you can attract your soulmate like a magnet- and keep them around for good.

Turn Your Love Life Around Today

When you look at a love coach vs. a life coach, the two are very similar. However, a love coach takes a much more focused and localized approach. 

If you’re ready to take control of your romantic future, contact Lucy, your LOVE COACH. Step into your future and attract your soulmate with Lucy’s Soul to Soul program.

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