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What Is a Love Coach and Why Do You Need One?

You have never done anything halfway before in your life. You are a go-getter, leave-it-all-on-the-floor kind of woman. Success is your middle name – so why are you having such failures in love?

If you are a strong woman who is looking for true love, approach it like you would any other task in life: work for it. With some personal investment, the direction of love coaches, and perseverance, you could find yourself having similar success in love as well.

Love Coaches Can Help

You’ve likely had great professors in college and inspiring mentors on the job. They were the ones who showed you the ropes, opened your mind to questions you had never considered, and motivated you to push your limits.

What if you could have someone play that same role as a professor or mentor in your love life? You can, with a relationship love coach.

What is a love coach? Like all other types of coaches, a dating or love coach has studied the game, learned the rules, and is confident about getting their players on the field. Is there magic in falling in love? Of course! But there is also strategy, effort, and success.

Getting Help Is Not for the Weak – It’s Strength

You see a personal trainer to build up your body. You see a therapist to process your emotions. You see the girls for Saturday wine night to build up your spirit. Why not see a relationship coach to improve your dating skills? Neglecting your needs for love would be weak. Ignoring your desire for intimacy, marriage, and family would be weak. But it’s never weak to work for what you want.

Woman up and get ready to work. When you do the work to be your own soulmate, you’ll be surprised how often a soulmate partner pops up out of the weeds.

Some of the Typical Challenges Love Coaches Can Help With

Love coaches know the rules of love. You might feel like your problems are unique and you are the only one who has ever struggled with these types of issues. You’re not! Love coaches have seen it all before. They can help you navigate the typical challenges that successful women come up against.

Think of your love coach as a partner who can help you get through these challenges. You are both working towards a common goal of helping you feel empowered in yourself and ready to tackle the dating world.

Being Dominant is Great for Work – Not for Love

You have honed many great, masculine-leaning skills in your life that have helped you achieve what you want. Some of them might include:

  • Asking for what you want
  • Making and executing plans
  • Directing other’s behaviors
  • Planning ahead
  • Leaning in and demanding a seat at the table

How Love Coaches Advise You to Cope with These Traits

Asking for what you want is great – you should always do that. But if you have been conditioned by the professional world to frame it as an ultimatum – “I need a 3% raise, or I’m moving to a new firm” – that kind of bargaining can come with you to a relationship. In relationships, ask for what you want but never try to force your partner’s hand.

Making and executing plans is how you got that corner office. You are the type of person who is ready to take control of steering this ship. Do you do that in relationships too?

If so, consider letting someone else steer part of the time. No one wants to feel like they are dating their boss. Directing their behaviors is not going to work out well in the long run as your partner will become resentful of you always “knowing best.”

Tangentially, you have probably developed a keen business sense of looking into the future. This can be an excellent skill to have when you need to predict market trends. Not so much when you start applying that same sort of fortune-telling about when you will get married and have kids, especially on the first date. Leave your trend prediction at the office.

You would never have gotten where you needed to be without leaning in and demanding a seat at the table. You go, girl! But there cannot be demands like that in a partnership. Shut that dogged determination off on your commute home.

All this Sound Familiar? Then You Need a Love Coach 

If any of these problems sound familiar, then these are exactly the reasons why you need a love coach. So many successful women experience the frustration of not knowing how to divorce their masculine-forward business persona from their feminine-leading romantic persona.

Like all coaching, a relationship coach can help you start from the ground up, or she can help you in the middle of a relationship. Coaches offer a sounding board and a strategic partnership to get what you want.

Tackle It Like a Project Together

You’re probably no stranger to tackling projects with serious strategy. This is where some of your awesome, business-honed skills can help you out with relationships. What are the results you want to achieve? What is the time frame it needs to happen within? Create a plan that you can follow, but leave room for your own humanity – these are matters of the willful heart, after all.

Work with a love coach to strategize where you are meeting people. Think about what kinds of first dates take the pressure off and give you time to get to know each other. Talk through what kind of progress you should be making after seeing someone for three months, six months, or a year.

Your coach should be able to provide feedback like a supervisor. When you break down an unsuccessful date, your coach can help you walk through the evening and see where things went wrong.

Were you resistant to sharing things about yourself? Did his proposal to split the check put you off a second date? If you need someone to be objective and call out your repeated behaviors that are just not serving your goal, your love coach can keep you stay on track. Request totally honest feedback to tackle the challenges ahead of you.

What’s My Time and Financial Commitment?

Finding someone to spend your life with takes time. If you are unable to find time in your schedule for some meet and greet dates, this may be a red flag that you won’t have time for a relationship, period.

However, if you do find time in your schedule to date, a dating or love coach can help you optimize it. There’s no reason to spend that time going on dates that will never get off the ground. Coaches can help you figure out how to be respectful of your time.

You’ll also need to make time for coaching on top of dating. There are many ways to make coaching flexible, from turning to e-mail or scheduling one-hour sessions on your lunch break.

Now that you know what to expect timewise, what’s the financial commitment look like? Like many things in life, relationship coaching is a “you get what you pay for” experience.

You can go as frequently as you like, which can affect the cost. Calculate spending at least $150 a session, with a more realistic number likely coming in between $200-300 an hour. If you don’t want to keep such big commitments open ended, you may want to search for a coach that offers a time-bounded step-by-step program on achieving the results you want.

Meet Your Coach, Lucy Shahjahan

Lucy Shahjahan has worked with hundreds of women over the years to help them love themselves and attract their ideal soulmate. It’s no surprise that as soon as women start feeling confident on their own, someone comes along that loves them even more. Lucy believes attracting your soulmate is all about identifying the challenges you face in your own life and fine-tuning your responses to them so that you are happier with yourself. You innately become more attractive when you have a balance of your masculine-led professional side and your self-accepting, powerful feminine side.

Having worked with everyone from PhDs to entrepreneurs, Lucy knows about powerful women in need of balance – she’s tackled that challenge in her own life, with great results that have led to a happy marriage and a family.

Let this experienced woman love coach help you attract your soulmate, through both high-touch, one-on-one coaching, or group coaching. To learn more about her program before contacting her, check out her free masterclass .

Ready to Get Started?

Love coaches are here to motivate and cheer you on as you strive to find love. Seeking help is a great strength. You can tackle some of your past challenges and self-defeating behaviors on your road to find your lifelong soulmate.

If you are ready to get started today, book a call with Lucy. Finally, find the soulmate relationship you desire and deserve.

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