Once upon a time… there was a woman

who knew she was destined to do something big in the world,

but she thought she had to follow a masculine blueprint to achieve it.

Ahem, that woman was me. Maybe you can relate?

I used to be the woman who zombie-walked through what some might consider a “rockstar life.”

But secretly, I was DYING ON THE INSIDE.

It was a non-stop cycle of pedestaling toxic men, sucking down martini after martini, and throttling awake in a hungover haze – wondering when the f*ck I was going to attract my soulmate, or if it would ever happen for me.

The only thing I lived for back then was a vacation – one blissful week in Hawaii, or Greece, or [insert sexy island here.]

But, guess what? That vacation wore off like a suntan, and before long I was back to something that resembled a tragic, single-episode character arc on the Walking Dead.

One day, I saw a picture of myself from a friend’s birthday party. I stared into my lifeless eyes in that photograph – evidence of my misery, and a truth smack to my soul. 

It was the wake up call I desperately needed. I was so out of alignment, attracting all the wrong men, drinking far too much, and was completely disconnected from my truth. 

Listen, I was the champion of binging relationship podcasts, devouring every book on love, chanting affirmations, and meditating. I even went from one healer to the next, which helped me stir up my wounds and gain awareness, but I didn’t want to sit around and talk about my wounds for 10 years.

I wanted my soulmate. I wanted a family.

I knew this was my birthright.

I moved to NYC, and things started to change because I made a conscious choice to put myself first. I was 36 years old, edging closer to 40, and my dream of marriage and becoming a mother wasn’t going to happen unless I stripped off my armor and stopped wasting my time on toxic relationsh*ts. 

I committed to attracting my soulmate like it was life or death. For me, it was. I couldn’t press forward without fully opening my heart and stepping into my authenticity. 

Once I was “all-in,” I ejected out of the story that dating in NYC is hard, or that all men were garbage.

I carved my own path to unlocking my fierce and unapologetic soul while owning my feminine, my sensuality, and my pleasure. 

I had to put on my crown and come home to myself, and the woman I was born to be (she was inside of me all along, I just wasn’t giving her any air time.)

Once I was speeding on dream highway with my emotional convertible top-down, my soulmate came within TWO MONTHS. 

Spoiler alert: we are still together today. He’s my best friend, the love of my life, and still that amazing man I met years ago.

I also made my first million within 18 months of opening my business. 

And, most importantly, I built my family.  Becoming a mother has taken me to a new level of feminine, fierceness, and power. And that power flows alongside pleasure, allowing me to be a wife, mother, and entrepreneur – while always prioritizing myself in the equation. 

If I can attract my soulmate in the toughest city of the world, YOU, divine woman, can too.

This work doesn’t happen after downloading a free PDF. Nor does it happen toiling away for years, unearthing childhood wounds without a clear plan of action to transform your past into a thriving, pleasurable, illuminating future.

I love taking high-achieving women by the hand and leading them in this journey — guiding them through the same powerful and potent work that I used to achieve my dream life.

If your mind & body are screaming HELL YES – then let’s explore how we can work together.


COST: $2,500


Fill out the form below and my assistant will reach out to you to schedule a time. Please be specific with what help you need. 

The private session can be on why love isn’t working for you, healing the little girl inside, how to level up your scarcity mindset, how to be vulnerable from a place of power, how to break the glass ceiling, etc.


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